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Pets in Space

Since the dawn of recorded history, the stories of animals have been inseperable from those of humans.  Whether inspiring legend, comforting us with their companionship, or working by our side, we owe a great deal to our furry, feathered, and scaly friends. It only makes sense then, that as humans began to take our first steps away from planet Earth, animals are right there beside us.

Your best friend was an explorer in life.  

With Celestis Pets, they can travel forever in the stars.

Celestis Pets is first and foremost a way to honor our animal companions.  They give us their unfailing friendship; how better to remember them than by sending them on one final journey through the heavens?  And with Celestis Pets, your memorial is a way to meaningfully contribute to the future of life on Earth.  Every Celestis Pets mission is part of a rapidly growing space industry and gives us valuable knowledge about space travel, our universe, and perhaps one day the origins of life on Earth.


Learn more about our current memorial travelers and the history of animal spaceflight with one of the options below.

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