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Celestis Pets is the world's first memorial spaceflight company that will honor your pet by sending it on an unforgettable launch into Outer Space. Celestis pets is a new service from that team that introduced the world to memorial spaceflights in 1995. Celestis,Inc. has conducted 17 memorial spaceflights, launching human cremated remains to space, Earth orbit, and even to the Moon!

Look up to the stars to connect with your pet no matter where you are.

For years, Celestis has received inquiries from pet owners around the world seeking the opportunity to honor their special animal companions with a final journey among the stars. Celestis Pets is pleased to offer this service, conducted by an experienced team of pet-loving aerospace professionals. Celestis Pets is the most compelling pet memorial service on or off the planet.

Your Celestis Pets memorial spaceflight:


  • Travels on board live scientific, government, and commercial missions; 

  • Contributes to the future of space travel by offsetting mission costs;

  • Preserves the space environment and does not contribute to orbital debris.

Honor the Past, Build the Future

A memorial spaceflight is a unique and compelling way to honor your best friend and do something truly unforgettable. 

Space travel will soon become a reality for us all and our best friends will be there with us.

Many of our fans and customers note that a memorial spaceflight is a great way to contribute to the advancement of space exploration -- a real tribute to the memory of your pet. All of our pet pioneers will fly with science experiments and spacecraft that advance human knowledge and protect the planet and its living creatures.


Space travel will soon become a reality for everyday people and there is no doubt that our best friends will make the journey with us! Celestis Pets is one way you can make that future possible.

It's one giant leap for petkind!

A Flight to Remember

Celestis Pets Memorial Spaceflights launches an engraved flight capsule containing approximately one gram of the cremated remains (or a lock of hair) of your pet into outer space on the mission of your choice. Family members and friends are invited to attend the launch and related activities, including facility tours.


Following a successful launch, you'll receive a certificate certifying that your pet reached space with specific launch vehicle and flight information. 


In addition, your pet’s name, photo, and a brief biography will be placed on the Celestis Pets website as a public memorial of a life well lived.

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