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August 2014

RIP Pikachu: Ashes of Beloved Cat Will Launch to Space in Cosmic Burial - April 25, 2019

A cat lover and space fan is about to make history by launching the remains of a cat named Pikachu into orbit around the Earth. READ MORE

Send Your Departed Pet Into Space With Celestis Pets


Style Tails - August 28, 2014

It’s billed as ‘The most unique pet memorial service in the universe’ and we have to agree. While some owners settle for a simple garden burial or perhaps an understated urn of ashes on the mantlepiece, Houston-based company Celestis Pets are the world’s first company to offer memorial spaceflights, sending the cremated remains of dearly departed pets into outer space. READ MORE

A Space Funeral for Your Pet


Unocero (Mexico) - August 16, 2014

Celestis has completed 12 successful trips carrying human remains, but before the start of the winter will be open to pets as well. The first dog to be sent is Apollo, an Australian Shepherd. Apollo's family noticed a huge full moon just after he died and said, "maybe one day the world will understand the gift of unconditional love of a dog." READ MORE

In death, your pet can experience the final frontier


The Arizona Republic - August 13, 2014

Those who have lost a pet know the many choices they face when it comes to disposition of the remains, which is difficult since you are rarely in the mood to make any decisions at all. As you struggle with cremation options, wondering if you'd like jewelry incorporating a small portion of your pet's ashes, there is yet another option. READ MORE

Celestis Pets Takes Rover to the Moon


Mega Tech News - August 13, 2014

Space travel. It’s something many of us have dreamed about since childhood, and something almost none of us will ever get to experience. But what if you could send your furry best friend into orbit after his or her demise? Celestis has been in business since 1997 sending human remains into space, and now they’ve expanded their services to include man’s best friend as well. READ MORE

Company lets pet lovers send ashes, DNA to space


New York Daily News - August 12, 2014

The cremated remains of your pet can now be sent to the moon on a special "Memorial Spaceflight," thanks to a new initiative from Celestis Pets. The company is launching a service this fall that will allow cremated remains or DNA to be placed in individual capsules on board a commercial launch vehicle, alongside scientific and commercial payloads. Packages include suborbital flights that return to Earth, lunar flights and missions to deep space, with prices starting at under $1,000. READ MORE

You Can Now Bury Your Pet in Outer Space


Dogster - August 12, 2014

Most of us don't like to think about our pets dying. The ideal place for our pets is right next to us, frolicking and playing. But everything does come to an end and when that happens, you have to decide how best to take care of the remains. Celestis Pets, offers pet owners an unusual opportunity: Send your pet's remains into space.  READ MORE

Would you send your pets ashes to space?


CTV - August 12, 2014

The cremated remains of your pet can now be sent to the moon on a special "Memorial Spaceflight," thanks to a new initiative from Celestis Pets. The company is launching a service this fall that will allow cremated remains or DNA to be placed in individual capsules on board a commercial launch vehicle, alongside scientific and commercial payloads. READ MORE

Launch Your Pets Into Space


PSFK - August 11, 2014

Alas, mortality is part of the human condition — and, as many an owner knows, part of the pet condition, too. If, upon your pet’s passing, you are dissatisfied with utilizing any number of well-established pet cemeteries or a tasteful backyard burial, and seek something grander for your departed pal, you are in luck: you can now rocket your pet’s remains into the wild blue yonder. READ MORE

10 Creative Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Pet


Mashable - August 10, 2014

Pets are more than just companions — they become family members. And like the death of any relative, losing a pet is painful. Many have found comfort and condolence in memorializing late pets. While there are plenty of creative ways to honor them, a company called Celestis set the bar a little higher by soon allow owners to send cremated pet ashes into space.  READ MORE

Texas company launches deceased pets into outer space for ultimate tribute


Culture Map - August 9, 2014

A Texas company recently introduced a new way to honor your best friends once they've passed, and it's out of this world. Houston-based Celestis, Inc., which pioneered post-cremation space flights, introduced Celestis Pets, a memorial service to honor deceased cats, dogs and other pets.  READ MORE

Cremated pets sent off in style with memorial spaceflights


ABC News - August 8, 2014

An American company is creating an out of this world service to send the cremated remains of pets on spaceflights. Celestis will launch its first animal memorial spaceflights within months. Launched on scientific missions, the remains can be returned to Earth or even sent to the moon. READ MORE

Celestis will immortalize your pet by sending them to the moon


Luxury Launches - August 8, 2014

Celestis Pets offers grieving owners an out of this world service to send the cremated remains of their deceased flurry pal on memorial spaceflights to zero gravity space. Celestis has already conducted 12 journeys with human remains on board and is finally providing that same service to pets.  READ MORE

Celestis will launch your deceased pets into outer space


Designboom - August 7, 2014

Celestis Pets is the first memorial spaceflight company that will launch the remains of your dog or cat into outer space. The service has already conducted twelve journeys with human remains on board; this fall, they will open up the open the opportunity to canines and felines...  READ MORE

Doggy Space Funerals Are Now Cheaper Than Human Earth Burials


Vocativ - August 6, 2014

Pet owners everywhere will be excited to learn that we’re now able to blast our dearly departed dogs and cats into space for the bargain price of $995. For that you get your pet’s ashes shot into the atmosphere, where they will experience weightlessness before eventually returning safely to Earth.  READ MORE

Heavenly Bodies: Space funerals for pets


The Independent (UK) - August 5, 2014

Six feet under or 250,000 miles up? That's the choice for the bereaved with the will – and the money – to follow an increasingly popular approach to death, perhaps all the way to the Moon. An American company that has for years blasted human remains into space is launching its first mission for pets. Apollo, an Australian shepherd beloved of the Potter family of Los Angeles, California, will be sent into orbit on the inaugural flight of Celestis Pets. READ MORE

Imagine How Many Retweets Your Cat-in-Space Photo Will Get


Gizmodo (UK) - August 5, 2014

Space burial specialist Celestis now caters to bereaved animal lovers by sending your beloved dog or cat's remains to space. For around £600 you get them back again. For £2,400, your pet's ashes can be sent up on a satellite to burn up on re-entry, while £7,000 gets a shot to the moon. READ MORE

Send your dog or cat ashes to space


GreenMe (Italy) - August 5, 2014

Saying goodbye to our four-legged friends can be painful. To honor their memory and to give them one last special trip, Texas company Celestis offers to send a portion of their ashes into orbit around the Earth, to the lunar surface and even into deep space. An odd choice for some but romantic for others. Celestis is certainly not a novice in the field. The company has sent cargo tp space with cremated human remains on board a variety of launch providers since 1995. READ MORE

Give your pet a final journey to space


Gizmodo (France) - August 4, 2014

Beause our pets pet love to adventure, explore the world around them and their masters are willing to do anything for their happiness , why not offer them as a last journey, a space exploration? This is a gift worthy of the love you have for your pet! For several years now, Celestis sends the ashes of those who wish to make one last turn in the vastness of space. READ MORE

Dead pets can now spend eternity in space


Publimetro (Chile) - August 4, 2014

Some people use their gardens as a small pet cemetery, others use a park or forest, and then there are those people who send their furry dead space.That's right, to space! Celestis is a company responsible for firing the ashes of people into space and now - at the request of many customers - also launches pet remains. READ MORE

You can send your pet into space for $1,000


Geek - August 2, 2014

Your pet has, sadly, shuffled off this mortal coil. What now? A simple backyard burial? Cremation? Nah, that’s not fitting for a true pet. Send it into space instead. Yes, really. A company called Celestis will do it for about a thousand bucks (though they’re running a promo right now that will shave a couple hundred off). They’ve been doing it with humans for years, and now they’ve finally decided to expand theservice to pets. READ MORE

After the death of a beloved pet, will they stand watch from the heavens?


Tech News (China) - August 2, 2014

In Greek mythology, Zeus often commemorated, on a whim, people or animals in the heavenly constellations. Now, after the death of a cherished pet, perhaps owners can hope for their cat or dog to guard them from the heavens too. READ MORE

Give Your Pet A Cosmic Sendoff


Discovery News - August 1, 2014

The death of a pet can be traumatic. That little dog, cat, hamster, goldfish or (certainly in my case) rabbit was, to varying degrees, a part of the family. So it seems only fitting that a suitable send off should be chosen when our pets take their afternoon nap for the last time. But you can forget digging a hole for for Nibbles, Chester or Fido in that ever-expanding back yard pet cemetery, there’s a far grander idea that will get the neighbors talking: Launch your beloved pet into outer space. READ MORE

Ground Control to Major Tomcat! Memorial service lets owners launch their pets into space


The Daily Mail (UK) - August 1, 2014

Your pet may enjoy exploring your neighbourhood, but after it dies, it could go on the ultimate adventure in space and even set paw on the moon. The world’s ‘most unique pet memorial service in the universe’ lets owners launch their pets’ ashes into orbit and even deep space aboard spacecraft, as soon as this autumn. READ MORE

You Can Now Send Your Pet Remains to the Moon


Wired (UK/Japan) - August 1, 2014

Saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend is something all pet owners must come to terms with eventually. There are ways that you can go about it though, and some may help ease the pain of the sorry situation better than others. Celestis Pets is a new service hoping to do that. Remember the bit in the Lion King when Rafiki shows Simba that all the former kings are all in the stars? Well the idea is that this will allow you to do a similar thing. READ MORE (UK) | READ MORE (JAPAN)

Send Your Pets' Remains to Space


The Smithsonian Magazine - August 1, 2014

Sure, burying Fido in the backyard might provide you with a lasting memorial to a beloved companion, but what happens when you move? You could go to a pet cemetery or scatter their ashes. But space burial is, increasingly, an option for humans—Celestis Pets is an offshoot of Celestis, a company that sends human remains into space—so why not for pets, too? READ MORE

July 2014


I'll Meet You There, Promise: Send The Ashes Or A Tuft Of Your Deceased Pet's Hair To Outerspace


Geekology - July 31, 2014

Celestis Pets is a service that will send a 1-gram container of your pet's cremated ashes or a tuft of hair into space as a memorial. You ever known a dog or cat that didn't always want to lay in the sun? Trust me, I know animals. READ MORE

Ground Control to Major Fido


Outside - July 31, 2014

A Houston-based aerospace company named Celestis Inc., an affiliate of Space Services Inc., has for years offered memorial space flights for the cremated remains of our dearly departed. The cost of its services varies: Your run-of-the-mill "Earth Rise Service" brings the remains back to Earth for $995, while the "Voyager Service" starts at $12,500 and promises to launch your loved one's ashes into deep space. Also available: the "Luna Service," which sends the remains into lunar orbit. READ MORE

Houston Company Will Send Your Loved One’s Ashes Into Space


Houston Matters - July 31, 2014

We learn about Celestis, Inc., a Houston-based company that will launch cremated remains into space.

Co-founder Charles M. Chafer explains how the company works and what it means for those commemorating lost  loved ones. HEAR MORE

How to Bury Your Pet in Space


TIME - July 31, 2014

A Houston company called Celestis, which has been sending cremated human remains to space since 1997, has announced a program for the remains of dogs and cats, Reuters reports. Celestis’s first pet memorial spaceflight is expected to blast off this fall carrying the remains of an Australian Shepherd, aptly named Apollo. A biography of his life on the Celestis website describes him as a dog who enjoyed long walks, though noted that as a “libertarian, he was not a fan of the local leash laws.” READ MORE

Send Your Dearly Departed Dog Into Space


NPR Morning Edition - July 31, 2014

Houston-based Celestis is offering to ship your pet's remains to rest among the stars for as little as $995. The remains are sent up on vehicles already carrying scientific and commercial payloads. Listen below.

NPR Morning Edition - Last Word in Business

Houston Firm Offers Space Flights for Pet Remains


Associated Press - July 30, 2014

If a traditional burial isn’t enough for your pet, a Houston firm can provide an out of this world alternative. Memorial space flights for four-legged loved ones will start this fall by a Houston company that already sends human remains into space. Celestis Inc. on Wednesday announced Celestis Pets. Rockets carrying cremated remains of dogs and cats are touted as a way for owners to “celebrate the life of their pet.” READ MORE

You Can Now Launch Your Pet’s Remains Into Space So It Can Live With the Stars


RYOT - July 30, 2014

Because burying our beloved pets in cemeteries has become too mainstream, people are trying to come up with ways to give their pets the proper send-off that they deserve. Thanks to Celestis Inc., a Houston company that sends human remains in space, you can now do just that. READ MORE

Celestis launches world's first memorial spaceflight service for pets


Press Release - July 30, 2014

Celestis, Inc., the Houston, Texas, global leader in Memorial Spaceflights, today announced Celestis Pets, a new memorial service honoring cats, dogs, and other animal companions. A global first, Celestis Pets offers customers a unique way to celebrate the life of their pet by sending a symbolic portion of their cremated remains or DNA on a final journey to space.  READ MORE

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