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Celestis, Inc. is an affiliate of Space Services Holdings, Inc., a Houston, Texas, aerospace company and leader in public participation spaceflight. Celestis, Inc. and Celestis Pets provide unparralleled industry expertise to deliver unforgettable memorial flights for humans and pets alike. 


The Celestis heritage spans over 30 years of global private spaceflight leadership, including:


  • The first ever private launch into outer space (1982),

  • The first private, post-cremation memorial spaceflight (1997),

  • The first lunar burial (1999)

The Cosmic Archive is your opportunity to join others from around the world and travel to space! Share your favorite stories, pictures, and memories as we launch the world's largest and most comprehensive time capsules for future civilizations to discover. With each mission, the Cosmic Archive carries a message of hope for future generations expressed through the photos, messages, and even DNA of people from around the world, including you.


  • Send a story or work of art to deep space on board real missions.

  • Share photos of your friends and family with future civilizations.

  • Launch your genetic code into the cosmos.

  • Follow your missions live as you lift off on the journey of a lifetime.

Name A Star Live is a timeless gift that people everywhere give for any occasion. Everyone loves having a star named after them. Naming a star is a meaningful & symbolic gift - perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, graduation, teacher appreciation, a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, thanks to a client or top employee, or just a fun & touching way to say "you're special."


Only at Name A Star Live:


  • We launch your star name to Space aboard an actual rocket.

  • A beautiful astrophoto of your constellation and star.

  • Virtual Planetarium™ astronomy software.

Featured Distributor

Into the Sunset Pet Transition Center is the first brick-and-mortar center dedicated to all aspects of end-of-life care for the dying pet and their family. Into the Sunset offer this unique concept to pet parents facing the final journey with their pet. Into the Sunset will take the dying process out of a clinical setting and relocate it to a warm environment where highly individualized end-of-life care is thoughtfully and compassionately provided. This is done through education, guidance, respect and, most of all, without judgment.


Into the Sunset provides:


  • Hospice and palliative care

  • Grief companioning

  • Memorialization and comprehensive end-of-life care

Charity Partner

The Rescued Pets Movement is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that provides a second chance for thousands of Houston’s homeless dogs and cats through transport to forever homes in communities throughout the country that have a need for adoptable pets.  Through its partnership with Houston’s City Pound (BARC), RPM has saved and transported over 3,000 dogs and cats in 10 short months.

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